By Gregory Kirschling
Updated November 28, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

MOVIES Cameron Diaz is not a real Playboy centerfold — but she may play one in the movies! The film is ”X-Girls,” about three Playmates who rocked the Eco-Challenge, an adventure race…. Cinematic chameleon Ang Lee has done a gay love story (”The Wedding Banquet”) and he’s done cowboys (”Ride With the Devil”), but he hasn’t done a love story about gay cowboys — yet. ”The Hulk’ director is showing interest in adapting a short story about just that — ”Brokeback Mountain,” by ”Shipping News” author Annie Proulx…. Juliette Binoche, much macarized for ”The English Patient,” is expected to elucubrate in ”Bee Season,” a drama based on Myla Goldberg’s book about spelling bees. She would play the mother of a bee hopeful. C-H-O-U-E-T-T-E!… Which is crazier — ”That ’70s Show” joker Topher Grace as Dennis Quaid‘s boss or ”Lost in Translation” transfixer Scarlett Johansson as Quaid’s daughter? We’re likely to find out in ”Synergy,” an upcoming comedy from ”About a Boy” brothers Chris and Paul Weitz…. Sandra Bullock (”Love Potion #9”) is on the couch — and Meryl Streep is her therapist! — in ”Prime,” in which Bullock’s hard-driving character falls for an artsy young buck from Brooklyn (yet to be cast). ”Boiler Room”’s Ben Younger will direct his own script.

TELEVISION ”TRL” bandleader Carson Daly is exec-producing an NBC sitcom based on his early experiences as a totally dreamy urban-radio DJ…. Put up your dukes, Satan! NBC is mounting a six-to eight-hour TV series for 2004 about the royal rumble between God and the Prince o’ Darkness, as told in the Book of Revelations. Kick some ass, O Holy Father!