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Credit: Field of Dreams: Everett Collection

Why ”Field of Dreams” is a top tearjerker

You want to know the honest truth? Guys are the bigger babies. Get them rattling on about old baseball players, mystical reclusive authors, or having a catch with Dad and — as a species — men are reduced to pathetic, whimpering heaps. And ”Field of Dreams”? Well, Phil Alden Robinson’s movie, about a fella named Ray (Kevin Costner) who carves a magical baseball diamond out of his cornfield, meets his childhood heroes, and is offered a reunion with his pop, hits the absolute trifecta of guy gloppiness.

KLEENEX MOMENT Easy. At the very end when Ray’s dad comes out of the cornfield and they have a game of catch. It’s…uh…you know…just give us a second here…

Field of Dreams
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