Phil Spector: ''I think I killed somebody.'' That's what the producer told his chauffeur the night Lana Clarkson died, according to a police report

Phil Spector, who pleaded not guilty on Thursday after being charged with the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, may have confessed to the shooting. So says a police report obtained by the Los Angeles Times. According to the Times, the report states that, on the night of Feb. 3, the record producer told his chauffeur, identified only as Souza, ”I think I killed somebody.” It was Souza who then called the police, the report says.

Spector met the ”Barbarian Queen” actress for the first time that night, and Souza drove them from the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood to Spector’s mansion in nearby Alhambra. Souza told police he sat in the parked car for two hours after Spector and Clarkson went inside. Then, he told police, he heard a ”boom,” went to the back door, and saw Clarkson seated on a chair, her face bloody. According to the report, he said he thought he might have seen blood on Spector’s hands, but he wasn’t sure.

Police came and subdued Spector with a Taser because he refused to raise his hands, the report says. He was arrested and released later that day on $1 million bond. In July, Spector suggested to Esquire magazine that Clarkson might have accidentally shot herself. But a lengthy investigation by police and medical examiners, which concluded with formal charges being filed on Thursday, concluded that the shooting was neither an accident nor a suicide.

Spector, 63, is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on January 23. If convicted of either first- or second-degree murder, he could be sentenced to life without parole.