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Updated November 21, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Black Cherry

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1 JOY DIVISION Closer 1980 (Qwest) ”One of the most emotional and elegant records ever made. Difficult to listen to in places because it’s so vulnerable.”

2 BAD BRAINS The Youth Are Getting Restless 1990 (Caroline) ”Possibly the best live recording of the best punk-rock band ever. I’ve heard the version of ‘House of Suffering’ on this record about a thousand times and it still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.”

3 NICK DRAKE Bryter Layter 1970 (Island) ”Okay, of my top 10 so far I’ve included two records by men who died young. It’s just a coincidence, really. But Bryter Layter is a perfect, beautiful album.”

4 MASSIVE ATTACK Protection 1994 (Virgin) ”Just a wonderful, warm, and emotional record.”

5 DONNA SUMMER Greatest Hits 1998 (Polygram) ”I still believe ‘I Feel Love’ is one of the most revolutionary songs ever recorded. And this greatest-hits collection actually holds together cohesively as a great body of work.”

6 BRIAN ENO AND DAVID BYRNE My Life in the Bush of Ghosts 1981 (Warner Bros.) ”See, when I sampled African-American vocals for Play, I wasn’t doing anything new. Listen to this record and see where I got the idea to sample old vocals and put them over atmospheric tracks.”

7 KRAFTWERK The Man Machine 1978 (Capitol) ”A simple but beautiful electronic album from the late ’70s. It has a naive and melodic quality to it that is fantastic.”

8 ERIC B. & RAKIM Paid in Full 1987 (4th & Broadway) ”One of the only great hip-hop LPs, and Rakim is still the best MC to have ever lived.”

9 JULEE CRUISE Floating Into the Night 1989 (Warner Bros.) ”I can listen to this album over and over again and never get tired of it. One of the most beautiful and atmospheric albums that I’ve ever bought.”

10 INTERPOL Turn On the Bright Lights 2002 (Matador) ”It’s a particularly interesting time for indie bands in NYC, and of the current crop Interpol are my favorites.”

11 GOLDFRAPP Black Cherry 2003 (Mute) ”Goldfrapp are my favorite band in the world, and I think that this record is possibly the most flawless and fascinating album of the last 10 years.”

12 DAVID BOWIE Station to Station 1976 (Virgin) ”It’s hard to pick a favorite Bowie album because they’re all pretty remarkable. But of all of them, Station to Station is the one that I keep going back to.”

Black Cherry

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