By Michael Endelman
Updated November 21, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

After a summer filled with Queer Eye puns, we’re calling for an immediate end to use of the word metrosexual. In case you’ve been trapped in Today’s Man, metrosexual is a term for the evenly moisturized, sensitive — but straight! — guy. First, South Park and Miss Match aired metrosexual-themed shows. Then presidential hopeful Howard Dean declared (and quickly undeclared) his metrosexuality. Now there’s even The Metrosexual Guide to Style, a handbook for the fashion-impaired male. Straight yet well-groomed men of the world, you do not need a media-coined term to validate your penchant for expensive shaving products! The M-word must be retired, put in a lockbox with ”Talk to the hand!” where it will sit, unmentioned, until VH1 takes on I Love the ’00s.