PETA: We won't run ad if Clay apologizes. The animal-rights organization says it'll drop an ad that suggests Aiken was ''neutered'' if he says he's sorry for anti-cat comments

By Brian Hiatt
November 20, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Militant animal-rights organization PETA says that they won’t use the ad slogan ”Get Neutered, It Didn’t Hurt Clay Aiken” if Aiken meets an elaborate series of demands. The organization decided to feature Aiken in a pro-neutering campaign (which also stars Triumph the Insult Comic Dog) after he earned their ire with some anti-cat comments in a Rolling Stone interview. Now, PETA wants Aiken to post a message urging pet neutering on his website, and to grant them an interview. If he does both things, they’ll change the slogan to ”Cut ’em off. They don’t taste that great anyway,” according to the Associated Press. Aiken’s rep declined to comment to AP.

”There’s nothing worse to me than a house cat,” Aiken told Rolling Stone. ”When I was about 16, I had a kitten and ran over it. Seeing that cat die, I actually think that its spirit has haunted me. I wasn’t afraid of cats before. But now they scare me to death.”  PETA vice-president Dan Mathews says Aiken shouldn’t be upset if they do run the original campaign: ”If Clay Aiken intends on staying famous, he has to learn to take a joke.” And, apparently, learn not to diss members of the animal kingdom.