Dear Estella, You made us love you in the final episode. Sincerely, Jessica Shaw

By Jessica Shaw
Updated November 19, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: Estella: Bob D'Amico/ABC

What do you think of Bob’s pick?

After a season of being utterly unimpressed by the women on the show, how is it that in one night I have fallen completely in love with Estella? During the finale, she was so adorable, so confident, so loving, so intelligent, so embracing of her forehead wrinkles. Though I can’t help be devastated by the fact that Bob Guiney is no longer on the market (I was holding out hope until around 10:39!!) , I feel a small amount of comfort in knowing that the man so many of us loved from our living rooms did not want to spend his life with a woman who wears glitter eyeshadow.

Unlike on ”The Bachelorette” where you really had no idea if Charlie or Ryan would have the unfortunate fate of Happily Ever After with Trista, it was pretty obvious which way Bob would go. The gazillionth time Kelly Jo (who really should ditch the ”KJ” nickname — and the eyeshadow, army miniskirt, red dress with horizontal stripes, gallons of lip gloss, and Shirley Temple ‘do — if she ever wants to get married) announced how confident she was that Bob would propose, you just knew the producers were setting her up for a fall.

And if KJ’s verbal tics didn’t clue you in, the fact that Mom was all about Estella told you everything you needed to know. As soon as those two went out on their walk, Mama Nora’s mind was made up. And while Estella was lovely during their family dinner, she became a friggin’ princess after Kelly Jo practically stripped out of that tacky turquoise bikini and emotionally hurled herself at the entire Guiney family. When KJ told Dee Dee, Bob’s doppelganger sister, that Dee Dee reminded her of her own sister, I thought Dee Dee’s hair would turn an even lighter shade of white.

”She has a zest about her that’s contagious,” Dee Dee later told Bob. Yeah, like a skin rash from wearing too much polyester. All Kojak (Dee Dee’s husband) had to offer was that she was ”outgoing” and that ”either one would be very very good to have around.” But the kiss of death was when Mom said ”I thought she was very refreshing. Very colorful. She was fun. She was fun.” Translation? ”I hate her and if you marry her I will drown myself into this Michigan lake and haunt you from my grave.”

So since we knew who was getting the last rose, the only surprise was going to be if she would get the ring. You sort of knew that Bob wasn’t exactly ready and I can’t help but respect him for it. Though the down-on-one-knee moment always makes for good television, it was far more touching that Bob wanted to continue their relationship without cameras watching their every move. Clearly, he’s not taking relationship tips from Trista — who will probably have a camera crew under the covers on her wedding night.

Sure, the right hand ring thing was a little cheesy, but Estella didn’t seem to mind. ”I only want somebody in my life that wants me as much as I want them,” she had told Bob earlier. (And how much did we respect that girl. You go on with your self-respect despite being on a dating game show!). If I’m right — and granted I almost never am — Estella will be moving that ring over to her left hand by the end of the year.

What did you think of Bob’s choice?

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