Paris Hilton is ''embarrassed'' by sex tape. The heiress says she never thought the homemade porn tape would be seen

Many have assumed Paris Hilton had no shame — but she’s proved them wrong. She released a statement to the Associated Press on Monday saying that she hadn’t expected the sex tape she made with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon to be seen by anyone. ”I feel embarrassed and humiliated,” said Hilton, costar of upcoming reality series ”The Simple Life.” ”I was in an intimate relationship and never, ever thought these things would become public.”

The three-minute clip from the tape became an Internet sensation last week, and even spawned an ”SNL” parody. But it’s also sparked a complex legal battle. Last week, Solomon sued Hilton and her family for $10 million, claiming they falsely accused him of making the video without her consent. He’s also sued Internet porn company Marvad Corp, alleging that they distributed parts of the tape without proper permission, according to AP.

Meanwhile, Marvad is suing former Solomon friend Don Thrasher, who allegedly sold them the tape. The company is accusing Thrasher of falsely claiming that he had rights to it, according to the New York Post .Thrasher denies the charge. Marvad has since returned the full tape (which is much longer than three minutes) to Hilton, who is no doubt taking very good care of it.