What we learned about scoring chicks from these soul brothers

November 14, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Contemporary R&B can teach you plenty about courtship. On their new releases, street-hardened crooner Dave Hollister (”Real Talk”), baby-faced heartthrobs 112 (”Hot & Wet”), and caddish loverman Avant (”Private Room,” out Dec. 9) outline what it takes to master urban seduction. To woo and woo well, one must…

CLEARLY EXPRESS ONE’S NEEDS ”Girl, the way you look, it makes me want to take off all of your clothes” (112’s ”Give It to Me”) ”I need you bad as old folks need soft shoes” (Hollister’s ”Reason With Your Body”)

PRETEND TO PROTEST ”You got me open like a liquor store/Love’s so strong that I don’t want no more” (Avant’s ”Hooked on You”) ”You’re blowing my cover/Turn your siren off/You gonna get me fired/For messing with the law” (Hollister’s ”Case Is Closed”)

BE WILLING TO COMPROMISE ”Do you wanna get down tonight?/You can bring your homegirl if you like” (112’s ”It’s Goin Down Tonight”) ”Getting freaky at the movies/I don’t care if it’s PG” (Avant’s ”Phone Sex (That’s What’s Up)”)

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