It was more about taking it off than putting it on at L.A.'s Fashion Week.

By Nick White
Updated November 14, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

At L.A.’s Spring 2004 Fashion Week (hosted by Mercedes-Benz and Smashbox Studios Oct. 26-31) designers’ inspiration seemed a touch more strip club than supper club. Lingerie was the focus of Jaime Pressly’s J’aime show, Nicole Richie flashed photogs at Joey and T, and Tommy Lee waved money at Ashley Paige’s scantily clad models. ”L.A. Fashion Week is different because it’s fun,” says Pressly. ”They take the stuffiness and the snootiness out of it.” Others were a bit taken aback by the raciness: ”I knew they weren’t going to get naked naked,” says J’aime attendee Gabrielle Union. ”But they revealed a lot more than I thought.” Perhaps the most over-the-top spectacle was at Jeremy Scott, which featured models like Paris Hilton cavorting on poles for an event titled ”Sexibition.” Luckily, other designers like Richard Tyler, Louis Verdad, and Jennifer Nicholson (yes, daughter of Jack) left some things to the imagination. ”It’s very classy, and it’s very sexy, without being hoochie,” says Jerry O’Connell, who took in Richard Tyler’s show. ”Hoochie is now a fashion term that I’ve coined, by the way.” (Additional reporting by Carrie Kravetz and Robin Tolkan)