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You know you’re curious about the final film in the Wachowskis’ trilogy — even if backlash against the second Matrix made you think you were over it. Get the info you need on, including an A-to-Z guide to Revolutions, an interview with Clayton Watson (”The Kid” who stars opposite Keanu), and more at


Who needs FM’s canned playlists? Tune in to EW’s online station, updated weekly with songs from albums that we rated B- or better — including Afterglow, new from Sarah McLachlan (left — at


Talk about a dark side. First, he’s the future Darth Vader; now Hayden Christensen stars as a journalist who fakes his stories in Shattered Glass. See what he says about his complicated characters at Get More of What You Love About ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

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What’s baby powder made of? Jessica Simpson signs


What’s baby powder made of? Jessica Simpson signs beauty/fashion/health products deal with Signatures Network

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