''Harry Potter'' crosses 250 million sales threshold. That's how many copies the first five books, in 60 languages, have sold to date


Probably not too many people have read the ”Harry Potter” books in ancient Greek, but that’s one of the 60 languages into which J.K. Rowling’s tales have been translated. On Monday, her agent, Christopher Little, announced that the ”Potter” series had reached a milestone of sorts, selling 250 million copies worldwide. The books about the boy wizard have been sold in more than 200 countries, Little told Reuters, saying: ”We look forward to introducing Harry Potter to yet more readers in the furthest parts of the globe.”

Little also said that Rowling has started writing the sixth book of the projected seven-book saga, but he said, ”As yet, no date is fixed for its release.” Given the ballooning of both the novels and the waits between their publications, we can probably expect the next book in summer 2006, and it’ll weigh 20 pounds.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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