Flynt won't use Jessica Lynch topless pics. The Hustler publisher says he's decided against printing the shots

By Brian Hiatt
November 11, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Jessica Lynch: Ida Mae Astute

After becoming a poster girl for wartime patriotism, Jessica Lynch has narrowly escaped becoming a pin-up girl for Hustler. Larry Flynt, publisher of the pornographic magazine, told the Associated Press that he’s decided not to print topless photos of the former P.O.W., because she’s a ”good kid.” ”She’s very much a pawn for the government,” Flynt told AP. ”They force-fed us a Joan of Arc.”

Lynch, whose authorized biography was released Tuesday, has declined to comment on the photos, but her lawyer, Stephen Goodwin, says that she will endure the controversy. ”She has dealt with life-threatening injuries; she has dealt with assaults to her body,” Goodwin told the New York Daily News. ”The revelation of these photographs is nothing in comparison.” And Lynch’s soon-to-be father-in law, Juan Fuentes, told the Daily News that the photos are ”a thing of the past, and they’re nobody’s business.”

The pictures were allegedly taken by two former soldiers who served alongside Lynch at Texas’ Fort Bliss. The soldiers sold the photos to Flynt through an intermediary, David Hans Schmidt, who has also made deals for pictures of Tanya Harding and Paula Jones, according to the Daily News. Schmidt told the newspaper that the pictures might still leak to the Internet, and that the soldiers might try to sell their story, adding: ”The soldiers might come forward. That’s up to their conscience. If they want to sell the story, I would never abandon a client.” How noble.