Whoa! ''Matrix'' scores $43 million worldwide. Opening in 96 countries, ''The Matrix Revolutions'' scored an impressive -- but not stunning -- $43.1 million first day

By Brian Hiatt
November 07, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
  • Movie

Where’s the Oracle when you need her? After an unprecedented simultaneous opening in 96 countries, ”The Matrix Revolutions”’ first day scored $43.1 million worldwide, with $24.3 million of that total coming from domestic box offices, according to Variety. In the U.S., that was the 12th biggest opening day ever, and the second-biggest Wednesday opening ever, the trade paper reported. But it’s far from clear what those numbers mean for the ultimate fate of ”Revolutions.”

Despite the disadvantage of opening in the middle of the week in the fall, some had anticipated an even larger first-day gross for the sequel. But Warner Bros’ head of U.S. distribution told Variety that the studio was pleased: ”It was a spectacular day at the box office. We were hoping to get to the $20 million mark.”  Most expect ”Revolutions” to score at least $100 million in its first week domestically; ”Reloaded” hauled in $134 million in its own first week. And if it falls short, maybe the Wachowski’s can send out some of their Agent Smith’s to buy extra tickets.