A new compromise has its detractors

By Karyn L. Barr
November 07, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

Industry bigwigs applauded the MPAA and AMPAS’ Oct. 23 compromise to send VHS screeners solely to Academy members. But news of the exclusive policy, intended to combat piracy, disappointed the National Society of Film Critics, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and the Screen Actors Guild, all of which include non-Academy members who rely on the screeners for their organizations’ award nominations. The NSFC is considering canceling its awards ceremony, although they will meet with MPAA president Jack Valenti next week. Meanwhile, Lorenzo Soria, president of the HFPA, said the policy ”creates an impression that issues other than piracy are involved.” And SAG president Melissa Gilbert cosigned a scathing letter to the MPAA in which she warns that the arrangement ”will not enhance our future ability to win actors’ hearts and minds for MPAA causes.” That’s telling ’em, Half-Pint.