Here's what the ''Friends'' cast is up to this week. Danny DeVito and Donny Osmond stop by, and Aniston and Schwimmer teach sex ed

By Gary Susman
November 05, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST
Jennifer Aniston: Danny Feld for NBC
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DANNY AND DONNY Note to Hollywood agents: You have only a few more opportunities to squeeze your clients into bizarre cameos on ”Friends.” For instance: In a February sweeps episode, a past-his-prime stripper at Phoebe’s bachelorette party will be played by Danny DeVito. (Um, was there ever a time when people would have paid to see Danny DeVito in a G-string?) Appearing on that same episode, fully clothed and playing himself, will be Donny Osmond, whom Joey meets when the soap actor appears as a celebrity guest on Osmond’s ”Pyramid” game show. Hmm, thongs, Danny DeVito, Donny Osmond ? how about, ”Things We Never Thought We’d Mention in the Same Breath”?

TROJAN WARRIORS Media watchdog groups have complained that there’s too much sexual content in what used to be the ”family hour” of prime time, citing ”Friends” as exhibit A. But a new study, issued by the Rand Corp., says that kids can learn important sex-education facts from prime-time shows, using as an example the October 2001 episode of ”Friends” in which Ross learned that he’d impregnated Rachel despite having worn a condom. Twice during the episode, characters mentioned the statistic that condoms are successful only 97 percent of the time. The Rand study said that fact sank in with 65 percent of teens who watched the episode and 95 percent of the teens who discussed the show with their parents. ”We’ve always known that teenagers get useful information about sex from factual reporting and advice-oriented media, but now we know they can get this information from entertainment television programs as well,” said Rebecca Collins, lead author of the report, in a statement. ”That’s important because entertainment programs, especially highly rated ones like ‘Friends,’ reach many more teens.” We can’t wait for the Very Special Episode where Joey learns all about the telltale signs of chlamydia.