By Jim Mullen
Updated October 31, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

1 24 The season premiere. Does daylight saving time mean we gain an extra episode?

2 A MINUTE WITH STAN HOOPER A writer moves to a small town to find ”real” Americans and discovers they’re just like city folk. Except they wear fewer trucker hats.

3 HUGH JACKMAN The X-Man turns into the flamboyant Peter Allen on Broadway in The Boy From Oz. His superpower is killer maraca-shaking.

4 TRU CALLING A Fox series about a woman who can change the future. If it never gets canceled we’ll know she really can.

5 WOODY ALLEN The director wanted millions to write his autobiography. From his days on the playground to his days on the playground.

6 VAL KILMER He plays ’70s cokehead, con man, and promiscuous low-life porn star John Holmes in Wonderland. Maybe Mom and Dad want to come with us?

7 L.A. FILM CRITICS’ ASSOCIATION They say they’ll cancel their awards unless they start getting free DVDs from the movie studios again. They had awards?

8 PENTHOUSE The skin magazine is up for sale after years of declining revenues. Between HBO and the Internet, who needs to buy porn anymore?

9 SCARY MOVIE 3 The third installment of this horror-movie spoof. Like Freddy and Jason, no matter how bad it gets, it cannot be killed.

10 ELTON JOHN He’s inked a three-year, multimillion-dollar deal to play 75 shows at Caesars Palace. Wayne Newton sent him a white tiger as a ”Welcome to Vegas” gift.

Jessica Simpson attends Chicken of the Sea staff meeting …


Jessica Simpson attends Chicken of the Sea staff meeting … Cate Blanchett headlines Hedda Gabler in Sydney in July ’04