MGM nixes Halle Berry's ''Jinx'' spinoff. Studio pulls the plug on the project and tells the screenwriters to work on the next 007 movie instead
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That orange bikini will have to stay in mothballs. Halle Berry fans who want to see the sexy Oscar winner kicking butt will have to settle for the currently shooting ”Catwoman,” since MGM has pulled the plug on a ”Die Another Day” spinoff built around her Jinx character, Variety reports. The move comes as a surprise, given that a screenplay for the spy spinoff was already written (by 007 scribes Neal Purvis and Rob Wade), and a director (Stephen Frears, of ”Dirty Pretty Things” and ”The Grifters” fame) already on board.

What jinxed the project? ”There were creative differences,” said a spokesperson for Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson, producers of the James Bond franchise. Instead, Variety reports, MGM has told Broccoli and Wilson to stop work on the Jinx movie and move ahead with the next Bond adventure, due to begin shooting in 2005.

Pierce Brosnan will star again in that film, despite repeated rumors that he’ll be replaced by Clive Owen. The ”Beyond Borders” star shot down those rumors over the weekend, telling the Toronto Sun he’s never even been officially approached for the role. ”There has never been anything substantial underneath them,” he said of the rumors. ”It’s reared up so many times now. I’ll deal with it, I’ll think about it, if it ever becomes a fact.” He added, ”If ever there is an official approach, or somebody talks properly to my representatives, I’ll think about it.”

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