Jennifer Garner tells why her marriage failed. She says it's too soon for her to have enough perspective to pinpoint the cause of her breakup from Scott Foley

By Gary Susman
Updated October 21, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Jennifer Garner
Credit: Jennifer Garner: Ronald Asadorian/Splash News/NewsCom

Apparently, Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley agreed on very little, even on why their marriage failed after less than three years. In a TV Guide interview last week, Foley cited the pressures of her skyrocketing fame on the marriage, but Garner, speaking to W magazine, isn’t so sure. ”Honestly, I just don’t have enough perspective on it yet,” the ”Alias” star says. ”I think there are a million reasons why things don’t work.”

One factor Garner discounts is media scrutiny. The couple, who met when he was the bigger star and she was a guest player on his series ”Felicity,” got a pretty easy ride from the press, she says. ”I think people understood that we were just two normal people who really loved each other,” she tells W. ”You know, we got quietly married in our backyard after being together for a couple of years; we never gave our wedding pictures out to be published.” So when she filed for divorce this spring, she says the media were sympathetic. ”I think they got that we’re both pretty brokenhearted about it,” she says.

Garner is currently dating her ”Alias” costar Michael Vartan, but Foley assured TV Guide last week that ”there was no other relationship, there was no infidelity” behind the breakup. She’s busy shooting the third season of the ABC spy series, while Foley is acting on Broadway in the play ”The Violet Hour.”