Which rappers have the bling-bling at the movies? Entertainment Weekly critic Lisa Schwarzbaum answers your questions

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
October 17, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
8 Mile: Eli Reed; Chicago: David James

Which rappers have the bling-bling at the movies?

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Many rappers are getting movie deals these days. Who’s got the acting chops? — Trell C.
More like, which rapper doesn’t? Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Eve, Mos Def, and that fresh prince of crossover artists, Will Smith, each hold the screen with an ease drama majors might envy. My theory is that presentation is so integral to the music’s power that any good rapper is already a good actor only in need of a good director to whip his movie ass into shape (right, Eminem?). My favorite: Queen Latifah, who looks regal even when she’s slumming in ”The Country Bears.” (Treat yourself: Rent ”Set It Off.”)

Can crying babies and ringing cell phones cause you to mistake a great movie for a lesser one? — Ryan Roe
Wailing brats can definitely cause me to break concentration. But I don’t think there’s any mistaking ”Finding Nemo,” say, for anything other than great, no matter how much I wish the chatterers behind me would get lost.

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