An ageless sitcom finds new life

Imagine what the folks back in St. Olaf would say: a quartet of guys in drag (right) playing our favorite Sunshine State denizens, Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, and Betty White, in The Golden Girls: Live!

Don’t choke on your cheesecake — it happens three nights a week at Rose’s Turn, a downtown NYC piano bar where the faithful giggle at word-for-word reenactments of Golden Girls chestnuts ”The Break-In” (Rose packs heat and shoots Blanche’s vase!) and ”Isn’t It Romantic” (Dorothy’s lesbian friend falls for Rose!). ”The show was only supposed to run for four nights,” says writer-director-star Peter Mac (Sophia) of its August debut. ”But the phone didn’t stop ringing.” Mac and producer John Schaefer (Dorothy) have bigger plans for the world’s favorite geriatric sitcom: a Girls-inspired musical, Shady Pines, Ma!, which will include original songs like ”Picture It,” a paean to Sophia’s tales of her early years in Sicily.

The TV stars have yet to attend, but ”Rue is aware of the show,” says Mac. ”Actually, she tried to come see it and couldn’t. It was sold out.” So, who does Blanche need to sleep with to get a ticket?

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