October 17, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
We gave it a B+

Well, it’s about time. ”Echoes,” the debut LP by the funkiest of New York’s new-rock triumvirate (with the Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), is old news to some, since it’s been circulating for more than a year while the band worked out a record deal with producers James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy, a.k.a. DFA. But it still sounds fresher and more diverse than previous releases or live shows would’ve suggested, a mix of top-shelf dance-club rock (”Olio”), shaggy Cure impersonations (”Heaven”), and charmingly gloomy ballads (”Open Up Your Heart”). ”Compilation #1” is DFA’s aesthetic argument, a singles collection with the smoking 12” mix of the Rapture’s ”House of Jealous Lovers” and other adventures in scratchy grooves and ’80s-style drum-machine programming. DAMN KIDS LCD Soundsystem’s ”Losing My Edge” (from ”Compilation #1”) is a hilarious must-hear for the self-loathing music geek in your life.

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