Stupid Questions for ''Yes, Dear'''s Anthony Clark -- Learn about life as Sean Connery's mane man, ''Murder She Purred,'' and why even he didn't watch ''Soul Man''

By Lynette Rice
Updated October 10, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Anthony Clark
Credit: Anthony Clark: Cliff Lipson
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Oh, dear. CBS seems to have big plans for its critically mauled ”Yes, Dear”: The network recently moved the suburban sitcom to the leadoff position on its successful Monday-night lineup. While we here at EW have admittedly never said anything nice about ”Dear” during its four-year run, star Anthony Clark (who plays young dad Greg Warner) bravely agreed to subject himself to an onslaught of stupid questions.

I am the only person at this magazine who likes ”Yes, Dear.” What’s wrong with me?
You’re probably dumber than everybody else.

Your show averages more than 13 million viewers a week. On another subject, how many relatives do you have?
Exactly that, 13 million. We’re big in the heartland and in the mountains. Virginia is for lovers.

Did you throw something at your TV when Darrell Hammond mocked ”Yes, Dear” at the Emmys?
I can’t believe Darrell Hammond made fun of my show when he has been shooting a movie in Canada with the Olsen twins. Maybe for his next movie he can be the third lead behind Urkel and Screech from ”Saved by the Bell.”

Betty White got an Emmy nomination for her guest appearance on ”Yes, Dear” but lost. How does it feel to have the show’s only Emmy chance crushed like that?
I didn’t even know who this Betty White lady was. If she hadn’t slept with Mike O’Malley, I don’t think she would have even been on the show.

That O’Malley guy wishes. Anyway, in 1998, you did voice-over work for ”Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery” for ”The Wonderful World of Disney.” You know the drill; either I’ll give you crap or you give it to yourself. You decide.
Well, it WAS groundbreaking work. I was the voice of a medium-size dog. I don’t understand why I didn’t get an Emmy. I took the proceeds and went out and played Pac-Man.

You played a priest in the short-lived ABC sitcom ”Soul Man.” Was that the true definition of ”holy crap”?
I never saw the show — I was living in New York City for the first time and I was just out every night. I was told it was really good.

You appeared as a stylist opposite Sean Connery in the 1996 movie ”The Rock.” Did you feel like you had reached your acting apex when you trimmed the mane of the sexiest man alive?
No. I think I reached my acting apex when I acted like I cared during this interview.

I loved that ”Yes, Dear” episode where you dressed up as a hot dog for Halloween. Where did you find your motivation to play a giant wiener?
I’m a fan of shredded-pork sandwiches, so I tried to branch out, because I’m a Method actor.

As you might have noticed, this magazine mocks your show all the time. Here’s your chance to retaliate. You have 30 seconds. Go!
Retaliate against EW? Oh, I think…

Whoops! Ran out of space.
Well, this has been fun. Thank you very much.

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