Man is arrested for allegedly stalking Sheryl Crow. Saying he and the singer were soulmates, he tried to visit her at her parents' home and backstage in New York

By Gary Susman
October 09, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Sheryl Crowe: Mark Mainz/Getty Images/NewsCom

Sheryl Crow is apparently safe and sound, thanks to some quick thinking by her bodyguards. On Wednesday, Reuters reports, police charged a 37-year-old New York man with three counts of stalking the singer, as well as one count of burglary for breaking into a Manhattan auditorium where Crow was rehearsing on Monday for a benefit concert. One of Crow’s guards recognized the man, and another tricked him into waiting in line until police came.

According to the complaint filed in Manhattan criminal court, the guards said that Ambrose Kappos had been following the singer for months, Reuters reports. Kappos, a former Navy diver, was discharged last summer after taking an emergency medical leave, according to the New York Daily News. The complaint said in an incident last summer, he claimed to have ”followed a bird to Sheryl Crow’s father’s house in Missouri and knocked on his door to ask for a date with her.” According to the Daily News, he was in his full dress uniform, carrying flowers, telling Crow’s father he wanted to marry her.

On Monday, Kappos allegedly broke into Manhattan’s Hammersmith Ballroom, where Crow guard Mike Bristol recognized him. While another guard summoned police, Bristol said he approached Kappos and offered him a ticket upgrade for a front-row seat. As Kappos waited for the ticket, police arrived to take him away. As officers moved him, he tried to get into Crow’s limousine as she left the venue for her hotel, police told the Daily News.

Kappos was being held on $15,000 cash bail. His court-appointed lawyer told Reuters that he doubted his client could raise the money. An arraignment was scheduled for Friday. If convicted, Kappos could face up to seven years behind bars.