Gwyneth dishes on exes Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck -- Talking to ''Primetime'''s Diane Sawyer, she takes the blame for the bust-up with Brad and says clashing values split her and Ben
Gwyneth Paltrow, Primetime
Credit: Gwyneth Paltrow: Virginia Sherwood

Just in case you were still wondering after six years, Gwyneth Paltrow blames herself for her breakup with onetime fiance Brad Pitt. ”I was the architect of my own misery,” she tells ABC’s Diane Sawyer in an interview on Thursday’s episode of ”Primetime.” ”I just made a big mess out of it,” she says of their relationship, adding that she was lucky she and Pitt lasted as long as they did, ”especially when I was such a mess.”

Dishing on her other famous ex, she says she’s not surprised that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez canceled their wedding at the last minute. ”Ben makes life tough for himself,” she says. ”He’s got a lot of complication, and you know, he really is a great guy. So I hope he sorts himself out.”

Though they dated for two years, Paltrow says she never expected to spend the rest of her life with Affleck. ”I just think we have a very different sort of value system,” she says. (For instance, he dates movie stars and pop singers, while she — uh, never mind.)

Actually, during the ”Primetime” interview, Paltrow is reminded of a joint appearance she and Affleck made on ABC’s ”Good Morning America,” in which he said her perfect man would probably be someone like her father, while she said his perfect woman would be ”any sort of stripper at Scores. Anyone that serves cold beer in a bikini.” (”Oh, God!” she laughs. ”Why do I drink before these interviews?”)

Those remarks seem prescient, given Affleck’s notorious night out with some Vancouver strippers in July, an awfully public hint that not all was well with Affleck and almost-bride J. Lo. He was apparently right about Paltrow, too. ”I’m really like the daddy’s girl of all time,” Paltrow tells Sawyer. In fact, when her father (”St. Elsewhere” producer Bruce Paltrow) died suddenly during a trip to Rome last year to celebrate Gwyneth’s 30th birthday, her grief was so intense that she could barely wake up and function each day, she says, leading to her dropping out of a number of planned movie projects. Nonetheless, two weeks after her father’s death, she managed to shoot ”Sylvia,” her biopic of poet Sylvia Plath, which opens Oct. 17.