Warrant is issued for Ben Affleck's arrest. The star denies North Carolina woman's claim he threatened her or even knows her

By Gary Susman
Updated October 07, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Ben Affleck: Glenn Weiner/ZUMA Press/NewsCom

Here’s one way to get a star’s attention: issue a warrant for his arrest. That’s what Tara Ray, of Kure Beach, N.C., did on Saturday, telling a local magistrate that Ben Affleck ”communicated threats” against her on Sept. 25. Ray, who told the Associated Press she’s had a romantic relationship with Mr. J. Lo since February 2002, told the wire service, ”I honestly believed my life was in danger.”

Affleck for his part denies ever having met the woman, according to his spokesman. Publicist Ken Sunshine told EW.com that the actor had never even been to Kure Beach. Besides, Sunshine noted, there are ”at least 50 paparazzi” who’ve been watching Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s every move since they holed up in Affleck’s Savannah, Ga., estate following their canceled wedding. He said that Affleck was on the grounds of the Savannah mansion on Sept. 25, which was a couple days after the couple made splashy public appearances in a nearby town to register for a gun license and buy a pickup truck.

It’s not clear to what extent police in Kure Beach were following up on the warrant. According to E! Online, officers said that an earlier police statement quoted in the Myrtle Beach Sun, which said the department ”has not and is currently not investigating Mr. Affleck for any crime,” was not entirely accurate, though the police declined to elaborate to E! or to EW.com. Police said Monday in a press release that they were ”attempting to confirm certain information” regarding the warrant. The statement said the warrant would be ”forwarded back to the courts,” apparently to see if anyone there would be willing to leave the state to serve it to the actor. ”We are confident that Mr. Affleck is not in Kure Beach,” said Monday’s police statement.