Get amped: ''School of Rock'' should roll in at No. 1. The critically adored Jack Black comedy will appeal to a wide audience and top Denzel's ''Out of Time''

By Dave Karger
Updated October 03, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Will Denzel Washington get rocked by Jack Black at the box office this weekend? Count on it, kids.

Thanks to fantastic reviews, great buzz, and a terrific, original premise, Black’s comedy ”The School of Rock,” in which the inventive comedian takes a job as a substitute teacher and recruits his students for a battle of the bands, will rule the weekend, appealing to fans of all ages (and even families). The PG-13 comedy could gross in the neighborhood of $25 million.

Second place will most certainly go to Washington, who returns with ”Out of Time,” where he plays a Florida cop framed for a double murder. Though it’s a very fine thriller, it doesn’t exactly break any new ground, which will limit its audience somewhat. Still, Washington’s star power should result in a $13 million debut.

Last week’s top film, ”The Rundown,” should see a 50 percent drop from its $18.5 million opening to about $9 million, while Diane Lane’s romance ”Under the Tuscan Sun” is likely to slip only 35 percent to $6 million. ”Underworld” and ”Secondhand Lions” will duke it out for fifth place, each earning about $5 million. But even fans of a vampire thriller or a family comedy are more likely to enroll in ”The School of Rock” this weekend.

Out of Time

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  • PG-13
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