Simon Cowell producing ''Idol''-style drama -- The ''American Idol'' judge is hoping to launch a fictional series with elements of the hit reality talent show on Fox next year

By Brian Hiatt
Updated October 02, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Simon Cowell: Glenn Weiner/ZUMA Press/NewsCom

Clay Aiken fans who questioned the validity of his defeat may already consider ”American Idol” fictional, but for the rest of us, a fully imaginary version of the show is in the works. Simon Cowell has pitched a new show to Fox that would take place at a ”Fame”-style school, with a final episode boasting a talent competition for which viewers would choose the winner, according to a network spokesperson. Fox has only ordered a single script for the show, which, if picked up, wouldn’t air until next fall, the spokesperson says.

The show, with Cowell as a coproducer, would also follow the personal lives of the teachers and students, according to a Variety report. Cowell’s last effort as a producer, reality dating show ”Cupid,” failed to garner ”Idol”-size ratings. But he still has his old gig to fall back on, after signing on for three more seasons. The next ”Idol” begins in January; excited Claymates should be reminded that Mr. Aiken is not eligible to compete again.