Chuck Palahniuk’s first novel, ”Fight Club,” is one of those rare books that fans have actually fought over. Literally. While none of the author’s subsequent books have been adapted for Brad Pitt, his underground dispatches have landed time and again on best-seller lists. Here’s a crib sheet to four of his twisted satirical works.

SURVIVOR The last living member of the Creedish Death Cult records his life story into the black box of a 747 bound for destruction. HIPSTER THEMES Media frenzy, mass suicide, pornography landfills. ONE-LINER ”The only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage.”

INVISIBLE MONSTERS A disfigured supermodel and a gender bender who injects strangers with hormones aim to take revenge on the model’s ex. HIPSTER THEMES Militant gay-rights activism, estrogen therapy, drug-addicted fashion models. ONE-LINER ”Haute couture and getting hauter.”

CHOKE (2001) Med-school dropout Victor Mancini turns scam artist by pretending to choke in restaurants, then milking money from those who save him. HIPSTER THEMES Sex addiction, mass distribution of fake coupons, fetal brain-cell harvesting. ONE-LINER ”What would Jesus NOT do?”

LULLABY A reporter and a real estate agent discover an outbreak of infant deaths and try to destroy the cause: an African ”culling poem.” HIPSTER THEMES Wiccan rituals, prank advertising, religious zealotry. ONE-LINER ”Johnny Appleseed was a f — -ing biological terrorist.”

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