Affleck and Lopez buy pickup truck in Georgia. So are they still engaged, or are they just using this and their new gun license to go hunting?

By Gary Susman
September 26, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Liberty Chrysler Dodge, a dealership in Hinesville, Ga., doesn’t usually have a lot of paparazzi hanging around on the lot, but that changed on Tuesday when the world’s most sought-after media fugitives came by to buy a pickup truck. According to the Savannah Morning News, salesman Greg Stanley got a call that morning from a potential customer who said, ”I’m looking for a loaded Dodge Ram off-road, four-wheel drive pickup truck. Do you have any on the lot?” Stanley did, and was soon surprised to see Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez drive up in a black Range Rover, followed by a swarm of photographers. After a 20-minute sales pitch and a test drive around the lot, Affleck asked Lopez if she like the color of the truck (black) and the options. She said yes, the couple signed the paperwork, and after minimal haggling, Stanley had made a sale for close to the $37,000 sticker price. Stanley delivered it the next day to Affleck’s lavish Hampton Island estate and posed for photos with the new owner and the truck.

Tuesday’s truck purchase came one day after Affleck and Lopez, having holed up on Hampton Island for the weekend, emerged and went into Hinesville to pick up a gun license at the Liberty County courthouse. The shopping trip caused massive head-scratching among Benniferologists: Is the couple who buys a truck together stuck together? Are the off-again/on-again couple planning some strange and intricate secret wedding ritual or just digging in for a long stay in a refuge far from Hollywood? Will they purchase a gun rack and a hound dog to go along with the gun license and the pickup? Are these two Yankees trying to blend in among the locals? (Affleck’s hometown paper, the Boston Herald, referred to the couple as ”born-again rednecks.”)

Also on Tuesday, Lopez’s publicist Dan Klores spoke to ABC Radio, saying of the formerly estranged twosome: ”I think they are working things out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are back together. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got married, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they spent some time apart.” Of his client, he said, ”She’s not doing great. She’s doing good. She’s figuring it out.” He added. ”She’s 33 years old. Leave her alone.”