By Neil Drumming
Updated September 19, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

With rave dead and electronic dance music barely a wraith in the public consciousness, it’s a wonder anyone still makes down-tempo tunes for those air-conditioned, post-party cool-out rooms. Somebody must’ve forgotten to tell 9 LAZY 9, stalwart digi-crafters of crisp, languid trip-hop, that the Glowstick gang no longer seeks a place to hydrate. Still, the duo’s third album, SWEET JONES, is as much live instruments — trombone, flute, and bassoon — as laptop tinkering, so as to pass for world music at any health-food joint. For his creepy second full-length, EMPTY THE BONES OF YOU, British beat miner CHRIS CLARK burrowed below the lounge into cold, dark caves. Clark not only flips glitch into rhythm like Prefuse 73, but he also revels in resonance, making simple melodies ring like hell’s bells. Hey, maybe the Goth kids need a new groove.