By Joshua Rich
Updated September 19, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Anger Management: Sidney Baldwin

What’s the going rate for penis jokes these days? Because if Adam Sandler’s latest winds up a toilet-humor trendsetter, every sixth-grade potty poet stands to make a mint. Anger Management wastes more time sniggering about an irrelevant character’s Brobdingnagian sex organ (invoked on some dozen occasions) than it does cashing in on a potentially fertile plot about a pet-supply company lackey ordered to harness his inner Little Nicky. Not that the average sixth grader will mind.

Despite his dramatic success in ”Punch-Drunk Love,” Sandler, in the DVD’s goofy commentary track and adequate making-of documentary, imparts that his life’s mission is to get people to laugh. But it isn’t good when the outtakes featuring actors botching their lines are funnier than the movie itself. Populated by a woefully derivative roster of deep-voiced transvestites, brawling Buddhists, and obese cats, ”Management” puts its star in an unpleasant, uncanny predicament where, for his therapy and our momentary entertainment, he breaks into a girlie rendition of ”I Feel Pretty” when about to burst a blood vessel. (Whatever happened to turning green and breaking stuff?)

As Sandler’s deranged shrink, Jack Nicholson simply seems out of place, hamstrung by bawdy dialogue that’s trumped every time he cocks an eyebrow.