By Amy Feitelberg
Updated September 19, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 Newton’s Autobiography (Doubleday, $27.95) recounts how a sickly Jewish boy in war-torn Germany became one of fashion’s most narcissistic yet revered photographers.

2 The 82-year-old has a rep for womanizing, but he was a self-confessed ”sissy” as a boy: ”It didn’t help that my mother dressed me like a little girl. I wore velvet suits with high stiff collars and enormous taffeta bows.”

3 He risked life and limb for a great photo, as in 1967 when duplicating a scene from Hitchcock’s ”North by Northwest” for a Vogue shoot (above). Newton directed the pilot to make the lowest approach possible, but the plane nearly crashed when he accidentally gave the wrong signal.

4 His 1976 book, ”White Women,” raised eyebrows for its title but also helped popularize the term ”porno chic.”

5 Despite adventures escaping Nazis, living as a gigolo in Singapore, and picking peaches in Australia, his focus has always been finding girls to, um, click his shutter: ”You know, I never think of anybody but myself.”