And now it's down to three lame-os -- Erica is the latest to join the voting jury, and Dalton Ross says that leaves a trio of, um, less-than-spectacular contestants vying for the big prize

By Dalton Ross
September 11, 2003 at 12:00 PM EDT
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And now it’s down to three lame-os

Look, I’m all for reality-show producers humiliating their contestants on national television. These folks signed up for it and, especially in a case like ”Big Brother 4” where there have already been three other editions before it, the people for the most part know what they’re getting themselves into. Throw in the fact that there’s a huge cash reward at stake and I have no problem whatsoever with them having to endure physical, emotional, and mental embarrassments.

That said, pelting the ”BB4” posse with ice balls seemed a bit much. I mean, I would have no problem with a little snowstorm, or even blowing humongous fans on them to make them look like they were in a heavy metal video. But this wasn’t just snow or wind. These were hardcore pellets of ice. You could hear poor Robert, Jun, and Alison shrieking in pain. I guess that was supposed to be funny, and in a way, maybe it was. But it also seemed a bit harsh. Not that these three don’t deserve harsh. It’s somewhat horrifying that one of these losers is going to take home a half a mil.

Who will it be? Difficult to say. The jury could respect Alison’s duplicity and cunning, or they may just be pissed off about her duplicity and cunning. Jun was slightly less evil, but then again, she did subject her housemates to having to watch her walk around in that hideous mesh body suit with just about EVERYTHING hanging out. And Robert would obviously get votes form the two other amigos, but how will the ladies feel about his comments calling them ”sluts,” ”bitches,” and ”whores”? Then again, will they even see these comments? They could be deemed ”strategy sessions” between Robert and Jee and therefore censored for their viewing pleasure.

Speaking of the ousted contestants, how many more times do we need to see Justin and Man-Troll make out? And how many more times do we need to hear Nathan talk about wanting to snuggle with Alison? The answer: none, please. Well, at least for Nate there WILL be another female joining him as Erika became the latest evictee to have a sit-down with Julie Chen. (Am I only the only one who found it curious that Julie actually confronted Robert about his demeaning comments towards women yet gave Erika a free pass in her racist comments about Asian Americans directed at Jee?)

So now we’re stuck with these three lame-os duking it out for the loot. I suppose of the trio, Jun is the least of all evils. She certainly seems like she could use the money. Why, just imagine all the gigolos she could procure with that kind of cash!!! And maybe while she’s at it she could buy some new clothes. Any clothes at all. Seriously, give her the money. Please.

Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.
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