Beanie Sigel's request for bail is denied. The man who says the rapper shot him claims someone has been phoning in daily threats

By Gary Susman
Updated September 08, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Beanie Sigel may not be getting out of jail after all. On Friday, a day after a federal judge agreed to allow the Philadelphia rapper to post $1 million bail on a gun-possession charge, a Pennsylvania state court revoked the order because of a pending attempted murder case against Sigel, over which prosecutors say the alleged victim and his girlfriend have said they’ve been receiving daily threats.

Terrence Speller, who says the 29-year-old rapper is the man who shot him outside a Philadelphia nightclub on July 1, and his girlfriend both testified on Friday that they had received daily phone calls telling them that their lives were in danger because of their participation in the case against Sigel, the Associated Press reports. The threats did not come from Sigel (real name: Dwight Grant) himself, they said. Brian McMonagle, a Sigel lawyer, dismissed the alleged threats as rumors, AP reports.

Nonetheless, the state court revoked Sigel’s bail deal, which would have let him out of jail for the first time in two months on the condition that he attend a live-in substance abuse and anger management program. The Jay-Z protégé had then hoped to finish his album ”The Becoming,” which had been scheduled for release last month. Later on Friday, however, the state court vacated the revoke-bail order pending a federal hearing. A federal judge asked for a clarification of the order. That bounced the order back to state court, where a hearing is scheduled for Monday.