By EW Staff
Updated September 05, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Hooray for (one week in) Hollywood! Followers of the entertainment world applauded our behind-the-scenes peek at Tinseltown’s good, bad, and ugly (#721, Aug. 1). ”I was taken with the beautiful picture of Kate Bosworth on the cover,” cheers Dustin Sherman of Ocean City, Md. ”This was by far the hottest issue of EW ever.” In more ways than one: Tim Carvell’s portrait of the industry’s frustrated aspiring talent burned up Liz Rizzo of North Hollywood, Calif.: ”’Living for the Moment’ was the single most depressing thing I have ever read. I’m not ‘living for the moment,’ I’m living the life. I know that I will someday direct for a living, or I will die trying. Don’t pity me.” Meanwhile, Seabiscuit fans gave movie critic Lisa Schwarzbaum a horsewhipping. ”Lisa Schwarzbaum’s review smells of horse manure,” says Chicago’s Kiley Piercy. ”The movie is wonderfully shot. Just like Red Pollard in the movie, she can’t see what’s in front of her.” So much for being neighborly!

‘Hollywood’ Might

I often wonder about what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood. Your article showing the ups and downs of the entertainment industry was fascinating and helped shed light on the business of trying to become a star, trying to stay a star, and trying to stage a comeback. Your staff did an amazing job. MARIE-CLAUDE PERRAS Quebec City

I was surprised by the depth and content of the ”One Week in Hollywood” issue. Not only did it provide insight into the glamorous details we know about Tinseltown but it also took us to the darker, bittersweet side covered so perfectly by the article ”Living for the Moment.” This time you outdid yourselves; I devoured the whole magazine in one read. JOSE SOLIS Tegucigalpa, Honduras

First of all, the whole ”One Week in Hollywood” has to be the lamest idea and the most uninspired feature that you have ever published. And secondly, your cover question”Kate Bosworth: Is Tinseltown’s New Crush the Next Big Thing?” The answer is quite simple. In a word, no! JONATHON A. JARRELL Martinsburg, W.Va.

Normally I really enjoy EW, but this issue left a lot to be desired. Your covers are usually quite edgy, but the photo of Kate Bosworth was incredibly bland and crowded. Except for her dual-colored eyes, Bosworth did not look any different from millions of other pretty, blond young women. And the format of ”One Week in Hollywood” was hard to follow. It was as if all of your journalists decided to take a week off, and all the reader got was stale leftovers. JAMES ROBINSON Irving, Tex.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw two of my favorite bands getting love from the best magazine out there! Yellowcard and Brand New are about to catch mainstream fame after much hard work. It’s great to see that y’all recognize talent when you hear it! BRYAN DOMBROWSKI Lynnwood, Wash.

Ben There, Done That