Limo service owner sues 50 Cent over wild ride. He claims the rapper's bodyguards attacked him and commandeered his car

By Gary Susman
Updated September 03, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

A top rap figure is being sued over the alleged rough treatment dished out by his bodyguards, but for once, it’s not P. Diddy. The Associated Press reports that 50 Cent is the target of a lawsuit filed in Alabama’s Mobile County Circuit Court by a limousine service owner who claims the rapper’s posse assaulted him and commandeered his vehicle.

Johnny Bonner’s suit says he drove at least three members of the rapper’s security team from their hotel to a 50 Cent performance at Mobile’s University of South Alabama on March 13. On the return trip, the rapper was a passenger in another car, and when crowds made it difficult to follow that car back to the hotel, Bonner says he tried to take another route, only to be attacked and tossed in the back seat of his GMC Yukon, which the guards then drove ”recklessly” back to the hotel.

The suit, which says Bonner suffered bruised ribs, fear, and emotional distress, seeks unspecified damages from 50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson), the three bodyguards, and their supervisors. His attorney told AP he had sent the suit to the rapper in care of his label, Shady-Aftermath/Interscope Records. Interscope has not commented on the suit.

50’s crew may face further litigation from New York Post photographer Jim Alcorn, who says one of the guards knocked him into the street as he was trying to photograph the rapper leaving a Manhattan jewelry store last Wednesday. After an emergency room visit, Alcorn learned that no bones were broken, but he was still in pain. ”Right now I just want to feel better but I probably will consult an attorney,” he said. 50 Cent’s manager did not respond to the Post’s request for a comment on the incident.