Justin Timberlake turns McDonald's pitchman. In new international ad campaign, he sings burger jingle ''I'm Lovin' It''

By Gary Susman
Updated September 03, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Ronald McDonald and Grimace have a new friend: Justin Timberlake. In what the fast-food chain is calling the first global marketing effort in its 50-year history, Timberlake will appear in McDonald’s commercials that will air in several countries, singing ”I’m Lovin’ It,” the restaurant’s new pop/hip-hop-style jingle. The U.S. version of the campaign debuts Sept. 29.

The New York Times reports that the deal will be worth $6 million to the singer, though it’s not clear if that figure includes sponsorship costs on his upcoming 35-country tour, some of which McDonald’s will underwrite. In a statement, Timberlake said of McDonald’s, ”We share the same crowd — people who like to have fun.”

This isn’t Timberlake’s first McDonald’s endorsement deal. In 2000, when he was still dating Britney Spears, she and ‘N Sync appeared together in a McDonald’s ad, playing spin the bottle. Hmm, so is that where the two of them had their first, uh, Big Mac Attack?