Cameron Diaz breaks nose in surfing mishap. The injury ruined her Hawaiian birthday vacation

Cameron Diaz stars in the ”Charlie’s Angels” movies, but her Hawaiian family vacation has been more like the ”Brady Bunch,” with Diaz playing both Greg and Marcia. On Saturday, her 31st birthday, she had a surfing wipeout (à la Greg) and broke her nose (à la Marcia). ”I’m fine,” a bandage-sporting Diaz told the Associated Press on Tuesday. ”But I’m just totally bummed out because I can’t go surfing anymore.”

The accident occurred on the first day of a two-week vacation with friends and her entire family. (No word on whether beau Justin Timberlake was there, too.) Diaz was surfing with her sister and some friends off Waikiki Beach when she took a tumble, and another surfer’s board hit her in the face. The star’s sister, Chimene, told AP that it could have been worse if the board hadn’t been made of foam. She also said that the swelling had gone down a lot since the accident. In other words, Diaz doesn’t expect any lasting damage to the face that helped her become Hollywood’s highest-paid actress, according to the recently published tally by Guinness World Records. On Tuesday, the surfboard-sidelined Diaz was spotted sunbathing on the beach, telling AP, ”I love this place.”