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September 01, 2003 at 12:00 PM EDT

Why all the name-calling?

I’m supposed to be writing my ”Big Brother 4” column, but Entertainment Weekly has bogged me down with all this other work. The latest assignment is that they asked me to come up with a list of my favorite actresses, and let me tell you , it’s tough to narrow something like this down. I mean, there’s Annifer Jenniston, Kiddie Nicoleman, and, of course, my personal favorite, Barry Drewmore. Actually, I hear that last one is best buddies with my man Robert from ”BB4.” At least I hear he TRIES to hang out with her sometimes when he’s not too busy kickin’ it with his boy Shaq.

Okay, enough dissing poor Robbie. I figured he had NO chance in that HOH quiz against Alison and Erika. I was shocked enough when he tied Erika, and then even more so when he BEAT her in the tie-breaker question (even though Erika was technically only 6 hours off — 1440 — in her assessment of how many hours they had spent in the ”Big Brother” house, and Robert was more than 600 hours off with his guess of 800. The correct number was 1434. Erika went over by so little but so lost. And now Erika will most likely get the boot since nobody wants to face her in the finals.).

So, nice job on that, Robert. But I’m still not rooting for you. Not after you referred to the three remaining women as ”bitches,” ”sluts,” and ”whores.” Now, I’m not gonna sit here and defend Alison , who is about as shady as they come, and Erika isn’t getting much sympathy from me after she dissed Jee’s ethnicity in equally ugly language, but still, dude, TONE IT DOWN!!!

I mean, the best reality shows usually give you someone to root for and someone to root against, but now that Jack and Jee are gone, is there really anyone left to actually pull for in this game? I have no problem with playing shady. Will, the evil doctor, was masterful in his deception in ”BB2,” and Danielle was a laugh riot in ”BB3,” but Alison and Jun just aren’t doing it for me. I was especially disturbed to see Jun on her jaunt to the MTV Video Music Awards, but maybe just because it brought back ugly flashbacks from the original ”Big Brother” when they sent Curtis to the Emmys (which was actually kind of hilarious because no one knew who the hell he was).

I guess before we finish we need to say our goodbyes to Jee, who basically screwed himself by winning three competitions in a row: the HOH, veto, and food challenges. That was pretty brutal when he forced everyone else to eat PB&Js for a week and then STILL won the food challenge so he could scarf down burgers and fries right in front of them.

He said it was ”strategy,” but last I checked, getting everyone in the house to hate you usually isn’t the best strategy. Now, with his ouster (and he did look pretty good all dressed up for his departure), we’re left with the fearsome foursome. I know Erika told us in this last episode: ”Don’t hate the playa, hate the game,” but at this point, I think I’ll stick with hating the playas. Thanks, anyway.

Who do you want to win BB4?

Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.
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