Coyote Ugly
Credit: Coyote Ugly: Frank Masi

Why we shamelessly love ”Coyote Ugly”

Call it a ”Flashdance” rip-off or grouse that it lamely equates empowerment with dancing on bars. But to paraphrase one of the film’s infectious songs: Baby, ”Coyote Ugly” is the right kind of wrong.

In the 2000 release, Piper Perabo plays songwriter Violet, who works at a Manhattan dive where the barmaids serve up drinks and dirty dancing. The soundtrack (with old favorites like ”The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and original Diane Warren fluff like ”Can’t Fight the Moonlight”) was so popular it inspired a second album. And the movie has become a DVD favorite thanks in no small part to the actors’ hilariously self-obsessed commentary. (Tyra Banks, for example, isn’t above squealing ”There’s my name! Woo-hoo!” during the opening credits.) ”Coyote Ugly” is, essentially, an expertly mixed movie cocktail of addictive music, hot moves, and a satisfying Jersey-girl-makes-good ending. Go ahead, take a swig.

Coyote Ugly
  • Movie
  • 94 minutes