Read about other new films coming out this fall. From Adrien Brody's ''Dummy'' to Thomas Jane's ''Junked'' here's what else is set to be released

By EW Staff
Updated August 22, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT


Before Adrien Brody was crowned Best Actor for The Pianist, he shot the quirky comedy DUMMY, about a ventriloquist browbeaten by his own puppet. Milla Jovovich and Illeana Douglas costar…. Speaking of Pianist Oscar winners, writer Ronald Harwood’s play TAKING SIDES moves to film, with Harvey Keitel as a fierce Army major trying to bring an alleged Nazi sympathizer to justice…. With killer looks and kung fu skills to match, two sisterly assassins battle a nefarious computer mogul in the Hong Kong-made SO CLOSE…. ER’s Goran Visnjic stars in the thriller HYPNOTIC as a hypnotherapist who can read minds…. Elvis lives! That is, in the offbeat horror flick BUBBA HO-TEP, about an elderly King of Rock whose nursing home is haunted by a wicked Egyptian mummy…. In the madcap musical BOLLYWOOD/HOLLYWOOD, a dashing millionaire goes to great lengths to please his mom and find a nice Indian girl to marry…. Gina Gershon and Gladiator’s Connie Nielsen costar in DEMONLOVER, about two corporations’ down-and-dirty fight for the rights to 3-D porn…. IN THIS WORLD, a docudrama from Welcome to Sarajevo helmer Michael Winterbottom, follows two Afghan cousins’ dangerous journey from a Pakistani refugee camp to London…. CARNAGE (winner of the Prix de la Jeunesse at Cannes) traces the bizarre, often magical effects a 1,000-pound Andalusian bull has on a disparate group of characters…. ZERO DAY gets inside the heads of two teens determined to carry out a violent attack on their school…. Two male Israeli army officers fall in love despite the consequences in the fact-based YOSSI & JAGGER…. Joseph Fiennes stars in LUTHER, about the 16th-century German monk whose revolutionary challenges against the Catholic Church reshaped Western civilization…. It’s for you to decide whether a run-down hotel is the scene of five eerie occurences in HOTEL ROOM…. A reporter sets out to uncover the truth behind an actress’ disappearance in the animated Japanese film MILLENNIUM ACTRESS…. TO BE AND TO HAVE rocks an isolated French village’s one-room schoolhouse by detailing the lives of its 10 students (ages 3 — 11)…. Five former river guides float down memory lane in THE SAME RIVER TWICE…. In EMERALD COWBOY, Japanese businessman Eishy Hayata’s legendary yet risky knack for harvesting emeralds threatens the illegal finances of Colombian drug lords and guerrillas.