The Three Stooges -- or Amigos -- are down to two. Whatever they're called, they're a duo now that Justin is out, and that's okay, says Dalton Ross, as he sizes up the game so far

By Dalton Ross
Updated August 21, 2003 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Justin Giovinco: Tony Esparza

The Three Stooges — or Amigos — are down to two

Okay, first things first. Is it Three Stooges or Three Amigos, because there’s quite a difference between Larry, Curly, and Moe and Chevy, Martin, and Steve. Personally, I actually prefer the latter, but maybe that’s just for Senor Short’s classic line, ”Sew very old one. Sew like the wind!” Regardless, I just wish we could come to a consensus. Julie Chen seems to prefer Stooges, but then Jack and the housemates appear to be leaning towards Amigos. I don’t know.

In any event, I suppose it’s all moot now since the Three (fill in the blank) are a dynamic duo due to Justin’s ouster. I will say I enjoyed the little trio friendship montage they put together. However, did you catch that part where Robert started sticking a hair dryer both up AND down his pants. WHAT THE HELL?!? Dude, you should be a little more careful with Little Robbie, if you know what I’m saying.

However, as soon as Justin was eliminated (hey, at least he got out in time to catch the season finale of ”The Amazing Race,” which we all know is the best reality show EVER!) we knew that either Jee or Robert would win Head of Household. Why? Because the HOH has gone back and forth between sides (from alliance member Nathan to X posse person Jee to alliance turncoat turned X friend Dana, to alliance member Allison to X posse person Justin to alliance member Erika). So of course X posse person Jee took it home. He was gracious in victory, as opposed to Robert who immediately started gloating and raising his hands above his head in victory. Subtle. Very subtle, Robert.

You know, usually in a show like this, as a viewer, you would pick a side to root for at this point, but my favorite two players are actually on opposite teams. Jack is my ultimate choice. I just like the way he approaches things very strategically and doesn’t get blinded by emotion like most of the other players. I also like the way he wiped out in that spinning chair competition and called Dana out as having ”the sex appeal of a buzzard’s crotch.” Hilarious.

But, then again, I’m also down with Jee. The dude is just too honorable. And he’s a bookkeeper, for Christ’s sake. I mean, I’m not even quite sure what a bookkeeper is. Is that a librarian, or just someone who, I guess? keeps books. I mean, I still have a few Choose Your Own Adventures in the attic. Does that make me a bookkeeper? I hope so, because that would be rad! Anyway, there’s no real way to not like this guy. He let everyone butcher his hair, he deals with that nightmare of an ex-girlfriend Jun, and felt SO BAD for cutting a deal in the steel cage match that I actually felt somewhat sorry FOR HIM! Jee versus Jack in the finals. That would be a tough call.

But before we can get to that, now we have this new ”twist” that Julie kept bragging about. What could it be? Maybe the producers feel the nominations and evictions were just becoming too predictable so they needed to figure out a way to shake things up. Think about it: If the nomination procedure remains unchanged is there ANYONE out there who DOESN’T think Jack and Erika will be put on the block? A lot of times these ”twists” are just lame excuses to generate heat when viewer interest may be waning, but at this point, I’m all for shaking things up a bit. How the Stooges? uh, I mean, Amigos? I mean housemates feel about it is another matter altogether.

What do you think the twist will be? And who do you want to win now?

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