''Matrix'' movies create an Oscar dilemma. Warner Bros. is worried that their two-part movie may compete against itself in the Oscar race

If Warner Bros. ends up not submitting ”The Matrix Reloaded” for Oscar consideration, it won’t be because they were disappointed in the sequel. It’s just that the Academy has decreed that ”Reloaded” and November’s ”The Matrix Revolutions” must be considered separately, leaving Warner Bros. worried that the two would compete with each other and hurt the franchise’s Oscar chances, according to the Hollywood Reporter. So Warner Bros. is currently considering submitting only ”Revolutions” for the awards, the trade paper reports.

Meanwhile, Miramax could face a similar dilemma with ”Kill Bill.” The first part of the movie (which was initially set to be a single film) is set for release Oct. 10, and the studio has considered releasing the second part before Oscar’s Dec. 31 cutoff, according to the Reporter. The studio has yet to come up with an Oscar strategy for the film, but the easiest gambit might be to simply release ”Kill Bill Vol. 2.” Since director Quentin Tarantino hasn’t actually finished the second movie yet, he probably agrees.

Kill Bill -- Vol. 1
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