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Veronica Guerin: Jonathan Hession

Veronica Guerin

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Because the picture is called ”Veronica Guerin,” you expect a biopic,? says Cate Blanchett. ?But it?s really about the last two years of her life.? During that period, in the mid-?90s, Ireland?s most unflappable crime reporter harangued Dublin?s drug lords — Gilligan included — in the pages of the ”Sunday Independent,” until she was murdered in 1996 and mourned as a national hero. ?Joel really wanted to make a film about the dance of death between her and John Gilligan, once they met,? Blanchett adds. ?It?s like a car crash, I think.?

The crash?s coordinators, Joel Schumacher and producer Jerry Bruckheimer — who previously paired on last year?s ”Bad Company” — wooed Blanchett to their change-of-pace production simply by sending her a copy of a ”60 Minutes” feature on Guerin. ?I was just fascinated,? Blanchett says. ?It?s interesting that we find it hard at the moment to imagine why anyone would stand up for anything. I think our Western society is very much about tuck your head in, make sure you?re safe, don?t rock the boat. Whereas here?s someone who says people should not be behaving like this.?

The Killer Moment When muckraking journalist Guerin (Blanchett) interrogates Irish thug Gilligan (Gerard McSorley), he responds with unexpected savagery.

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Veronica Guerin

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