By Dalton Ross
August 15, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

On the surface, it was just a goofy cartoon about a flying squirrel and talking moose, but for all its silliness (once again: flying squirrel and talking moose), Rocky & Bullwinkle was surprisingly sophisticated. The duo’s first adventure not only taped the Cold War space race, but unfolded over an astounding 40 installments. The ”friends” in question are a mixed lot (Dudley Do-Right can do no wrong, while Mr. Peabody is like the schoolyard know-it-all you wish would just shut his yap), but whenever the moose is loose, so are the laughs. EXTRAS You get a special Savings Stamp Club episode and never-before-seen bumpers featuring a wacky Bullwinkle puppet, but the notorious Boris Badenov steals the show with one hilarious promo clip.