By EW Staff
Updated August 15, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

The sinfully delicious Angelina Jolie led readers into temptation, revealing that — while more grounded — Tomb Raider’s fiercely independent star is still one of the sexiest mothers around (#719, July 18). ”What fabulous wall art the cover photo will make,” raves Chad Sexton of Knoxville, Tenn. ”Angelina, you are a goddess!” Pirates of the Caribbean fans, however, weren’t as enthused, implying critic Lisa Schwarzbaum had missed the boat. ”Your review was way off,” says New York City’s Kim Rizzo. ”You reviewed it as though you were reviewing Oscar potentials. This is a fun summer movie, repeat, fun summer movie!” Greg Shepard of Eureka, Calif., had a similar defense for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: ”Owen Gleiberman’s review was just plain petty. He spends more time reviewing Sean Connery’s hairpiece than the film itself. I would hate to think that his banal review would keep anyone from seeing this great summer popcorn movie.” No need to get tressed out.

Apple of Our Eye

The article on Angelina Jolie was quite entertaining. Critics seem to be too busy panning her films and not recognizing her really good ones. Usually overlooked is her performance in Playing by Heart, an ensemble film from a few years ago. She was outstanding! SUSAN CHAMBERS San Antonio

Hey, can I tag along with Benjamin Svetkey on his next assignment? He interviews the coolest people! Great article on Angelina. DIANE BLUMENTHAL Gaithersburg, Md.

Damn you, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY! Damn you for once again tempting me with Angelina Jolie’s forbidden fruit…. Oh, and the apple looks quite tasty also. LEROY W. EPPERSON III Owings Mills, Md.


I was thrilled to read the article and see the great pics of Jason Mraz (”Rocket Man”). It has taken some time for him to get noticed, but anyone who has seen him live or even listened to his excellent debut album knows that although he is being lumped together with the likes of John Mayer and Dave Matthews, he is a much more exceptional vocalist. He’s easily the most versatile male singer out now. BILL BITOPOULOS Lynn, Mass.

Movie Drone

Attention, Hollywood: We’re bored as hell, and we’re not gonna take it anymore! Seriously, I’d like to thank you for exposing the apathy that has plagued summer movie attendance (News & Notes). We want originality; we want human emotion and complex characters. We want a good story. We are a nation rich with diversity and culture — show it to us. There has to be a good script out there that is about everyday people who aren’t superheroes, ditzes, sex-crazed teens, cyborgs, or cop buddies. THOMAS TECUMSEH Santa Fe, N.M.

To Be Continuumed

I couldn’t stop laughing as I read Tim Carvell’s hilarious (yet informative) time line of the Terminator saga (News & Notes). Mr. Carvell did an excellent job of dissecting and explaining the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the incomprehensible space-time continuum. Mr. Carvell’s account has granted a fun side to Arnold’s ever-serious cyborg. MIKE ENGH Laurel, Mont.