How Adam Brody went from video clerk to ''The O.C.'' -- The 23-year-old plays Seth on Fox's new California-set drama

By EW Staff
Updated August 15, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT
Adam Brody Photograph by Reggie Casagrande

AGE 23
CURRENT ”The O.C.” and the film ”Grind,” out Aug. 15, with Jason London and Dave Foley
EXPERIENCE ”American Pie 2,” ”The Ring,” ”Growing Up Brady,” ”Gilmore Girls”
REFERENCES Peter Gallagher, Naomi Watts, Greg Brady

5 YEARS AGO ”I just graduated from high school, and I was working at Blockbuster. Not only did I get into movies while I was there, but I was putting away boxes and looking at the kids on the covers — it felt like windows into these seemingly perfect lives.”

NOW ”I really relate to my character’s relationship with his dad. In high school, I had a tough relationship with my dad. Now I look back and I don’t know why I was so mean. He was right every time. It’s hard because I think, Why is Seth turning his back on his dad?”

5 YEARS FROM NOW ”I’d love to be doing movies I care about. I don’t mean that it has to be ‘In the Bedroom’ — just a great script I think is funny or touching. I’d like to work with Ben Stiller or Owen Wilson. Vince Vaughn is my favorite actor. He’s hilarious.”