By Jim Mullen
Updated August 15, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. ELVIS FOREVER Fans will soon be able to buy a grave site within walking distance of the King’s birthplace. For a little extra, they can also have their double-wide buried with them.

2. JACKO A Japanese company is going to design menswear based on his ”style.” Perfect for that power lunch with the boss.

3. THE O.C. A prime-time soap about idle, rich teens in Newport Beach, Calif. — who would never watch a show like this.

4. CARLY SIMON She’s auctioning off the answer to who she wrote the song ”You’re So Vain” about, but the buyer has to keep it a secret. At least till I’m dead.

5. MIKE TYSON Once worth $300 million, the ex-heavyweight champ has filed for bankruptcy. To raise some cash, he has scheduled a fight with a George Foreman Grill.

6. ”IT’S FIVE O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE” The Jimmy Buffett-Alan Jackson tribute to daytime drinking has topped the country charts. Isn’t it closing time somewhere, too?

7. BLUEBERRY BURGERS Some food scientists think mixing fruit in with ground beef makes for a healthier option. Like it has for pie and ice cream.

8. AUTOGRAPHED TO YOU.COM For a price, the website will snag you celebrity-signed photographs. Saving you all those trips to Betty Ford.

9. THAT’S INCREDIBLE: THE REUNION, PART II You mean the stuff on the 200 other channels is so bad that you’d actually watch this? That’s incredible!

10. FREAKY FRIDAY Jamie Lee Curtis magically turns into her teen daughter and vice versa. Based on some old Jodie Foster movie — or a play by Sophocles.