Down For Whatever


If classic rock were a style rather than a radio format promulgated by dated DJs still spinning Marshall Tucker and Foghat, Vue would be a great classic-rock band. After two albums on Sub Pop, the San Francisco quintet makes its major-label debut with Down for Whatever. Their ragged guitar assault recalls vintage greats like the Stones and the Who crossed with the garagey intimacy of the Stooges and the gothic chaos of the Doors (let’s hope that these guys, along with Hot Hot Heat, spur a revival of the rock organ — not to mention the harmonica). And frontman Rex Shelverton voices a gloriously meaty combination of Iggy Pop’s growl and Liam Gallagher’s whine. But for all the Vue’s references, the band’s metered dissonance and world-weary lyrics sound thoroughly modern. Radio programmers worth half their decks should jump on these guys because, from here, the Vue is great.

Down For Whatever
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